The college tours opened my eyes to many programs and opportunities that I had not previously known about.

Jarrett, PHS, college tours, 2016

You may think you have it all planned out, but open your mind to new ideas. Don’t just base your decision on the first thing you see. When you feel a connection, you’re destined to make the right decision.

Three seniors, PHS, college tours, 2016

The play was funny! It was the first time I had seen a Shakespeare play. In the classroom afterward, it was the first time I had ever played a party in a skit and I liked that a lot.

Kerry, Sunridge Middle School, "Shakespeare and Violence Prevention” presentation, 2016.

The play was pretty hilarious! It was a little tough to understand at first because of the language, but it was fun to track. The follow-up lessons were meaningful, especially for students in my class who already knew what it was like to be bullied or outcast.

Tatum, Sunridge Middle School, Shakespeare and Violence Prevention” presentation, 2016

This bio trip is such a positive experience for everyone to go on. I’ve seen things I’ve never seen before, and made so many memories. I learned a lot about marine biology and had fun while doing it. I sure hope this trip continues for those after me, because it’s well worth it. Thank you so much.

Shelby, PHS, Marine Biology Field Trip, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed the ability to apply the things we learned in class to the real world. Thank you so much!

Sydney, PSH, Marine Biology Field Trip, 2016

Thank you for letting us learn about art in a very interesting way. I really enjoyed the different pieces in the galleries and the staff at the Art Center was very good at teaching us about them and the artists behind them.

Sofie, PHS, Art student monthly trip to Pendleton Center for the Arts, 2016

Thank you for letting us go and visit the Art Center. My favorite project that we did was when we used oil pastels to draw the river. It was really nice of you to let us go and see the different displays and learn different techniques to make our art special to ourselves.

Heather, PHS, Art student monthly trips to Pendleton Center for the Arts, 2016

Thank you very much for letting us see beautiful art work from people I didn’t even know existed. I got to learn different ways of creating art because of you guys.

Ruby, PHS, Art student monthly trips to Pendleton Center for the Arts, 2016

What I like most about choir is that we get to do fun stuff like go the the La Grande festival and sing funny songs like “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” or “Sally Sells Sea Shells.

Sherwood Heights elementary student, the La Grande Children’s Choir Festival, 2017

Thank you for making this festival possible. I was super excited for the choir concert the last few days. I am glad you made this happen.

Sherwood Heights elementary student, La Grande Music Festival, 2017

I really liked how if someone needed help, someone was there to help. I also really liked how it all came together. I hope we are able to do this again next year.

SMS 6th grader, 2017 Fiddle Workshop

My favorite part of the visits is the origins of the songs, stories, and especially people. Lisa was a great teacher and a fun-loving person to learn from.

SMS 7th grader, 2017 Fiddle Workshop

This is the best day I have had in years!

Hawthorne Alternative School student, Science Day at Silverwood Theme Park, 2017

I was impressed that the teachers spent the day with the kids, went on rides with, ate lunch, and enjoyed their company during travel time.

Hawthorne Alternative School student, Science Day at Silverwood Theme Park, 2017

I learned a lot about schools I thought I would like but actually did not like, and it opened my eyes to some of the things I haven’t previously thought about.

PHS junior, ECMC College Tour Field Trip

It allowed me the opportunity to see college campuses that I would never have been able to visit without this trip.

PHS junior, ECMC College Tour Field Trip, 2017

Thank you. This class is my stress reliever that I look forward to throughout the day. It has helped me find a new hobby.

Hawthorne Alternative School Sculpture Class, 2017

Attending art class was nice. I got away from the computers. I didn’t want to miss school because I wanted to finish the project I started. I learned to be responsible.

Hawthorne Alternative School Sculpture Class, 2017

Never doubt your abilities because then people won’t hire you if you aren’t confident in yourself.

PHS student, FTC state trip, 2017

So you better bring your A game, or even better, your FBLA game.

PHS student, FTC State trip, 2017

It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Present yourself in a positive way and make those seven seconds count.

PHS student, FTC State trip, 2017

I was really sad the week was over because it was the best experience I’ve had all year.

PHS student, FCCLA State Leadership Conference, 2017

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