2015 Fall Grants

$1,000 The Spanish and French Departments at PHS will take 30 to 40 students to participate in the Oregon Foreign Language and International Studies Day in May, 2016. This experience will provide these students with an exposure to other languages and an opportunity to explore possible foreign language careers.
$2,000 In May, 2016, approximately 120 PHS seniors in Schelle Bixler’s Honors Biology II classes will participate in the annual field trip to the Oregon Coast where they will experience exploring the sandy beach and rocky tide pool habitats, ride in a research vessel in Yaquina Bay and on the ocean, capture crabs and flatfish and look for whales, seals and dolphins.
$1,200 In January, 2016, PHS, Sunridge Middle School, and elementary students will participate in a fiddle workshop that includes a professional fiddle player who will introduce a variety of styles of traditional folk music. This will benefit approximately 200 district strings students.
$800 Two hundred fifty kindergarten students at the new Pendleton Early Learning Center kicked off the year participating in a Character Counts Assembly. This assembly provided a reminder to the students of the importance of character education traits including trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.
$1,000 In May, 2016, approximately 64 fifth-grade students from West Hills Intermediate will experience a two-day field trip with camp-in at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and a trip to the Portland Zoo. OMSI has renovated their facilities with hundreds of new science experiments, featured programs and exhibits to enhance student learning. This will be the sixteenth and final field trip for the West Hills Intermediate School.
$350 Students involved in the PHS Lepidoptera Club (butterflies and moths) attended the Pacific Northwest Lepidoptera Conference at Oregon State University in October. This annual meeting is for both researchers and regional Lepidoptera enthusiasts. It allowed students to enhance their knowledge about different species in the Pacific Northwest, through mutual sharing of specimens and field experiences.
$225 Between November and January, approximately 10 students from the PHS Female Robotics Team will compete in four league meets with a League Championship at the end of January. The team will build and program a robot to solve a particular course challenge. It will include Java programming, computer modeling, electrical and manufacturing in the school wood shop.
$1,000 Arrangements are underway to bring an Oregon Museum of Science and Industry science lab to the classrooms at Lincoln Primary School. All students (enrollment of 150) will participate as OMSI will meet with each class.
$1,500 Pendleton School District physical education teachers have invited Skyler Boles, Spikeball teacher, to spend a week with the children in the district. He will demonstrate the game and teach the students how to play it in their respective PE classes. Additionally, Mr. Boles will participate in a parent night at one of the schools. During a full week in November, approximately 2,000 students across all schools, grades 1 through 12 will participate.
$362 The PHS Visual Arts, Art I and Art II classes will view museum exhibits at the Pendleton Center for the Arts as well as learn about artists and art. Each of the three classes, totaling 110 students, will visit the Art Center for one class period once a month from October to May.
$191 Nineteen students from the PHS Sculpture class will travel to the Portland Art Museum in November for a one-hour guided tour and then have one hour to work on a class assignment. They will also have the opportunity to visit 5th and 6th Avenues to see Portland public art sculptures.
$142 In November, twenty students from the PHS Visual Arts Class will traveled to the Maryhill Museum at Goldendale, Washington, to view the museum exhibits, learn about regional history and enjoy seeing fine art in a gallery setting.
$500 Seventy-eight students from the middle school drama class and students from the upper division high school language arts classes will travel to Portland in January to attend a production of Portland Center State’s Great Expectations at the Armory Theater. These tickets normally sell for $20 to $75 each, but will be free to the students.
$800 The annual student Art Show at the Pendleton Convention Center will be held April 18-21, 2016. All grades K-12 in the Pendleton School District will participate. This event is open to the public and has enjoyed growing success each year.
$500 In October, approximately 125 PHS English 4 students, in conjunction with reading Dracula, attended the Oregon East Symphony’s screening of Nosferatu where they will compare the original Bram Stoker’s story with one of its many iterations. OES committed to a significantly reduced ticket price for those who attended. An OES patron has also generously donated enough books for the students to read all at the same time.
$775 Fifth graders from Washington Elementary will connect with working writers when three authors visit via Skype during the school year. The goal of the project is to increase student motivation in reading and writing. The activity will occur during their regular instructional day.