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Awarded Grants

To Apply for a Grant:

The purpose of the Education Foundation of Pendleton is to encourage and support curriculum enrichment, supplemental learning experiences, and other projects which may be deemed necessary and timely for the benefit of students in the Pendleton School District 16R.  Through its work, the Education Foundation will promote public awareness and broaden the support of the community for its public schools.  The Education Foundation does not fund requests for capital items.  Funds for professional development are not a priority but may be considered depending upon whether money is available.



The Education Foundation Board meets twice a year, in October and February, to review grant requests. Grant requests must be submitted no later than 4 p.m. September 30th, for the October meeting, and no later than 4 p.m. January 31, for the February meeting.  If that date falls on a weekend, then grant requests are due by 4 p.m. on the preceding Friday.  Requests should be submitted to the Education Foundation Faculty Representative, Emily Muller-Cary, at Requests received after the deadline cannot be considered by the Board. 

Please note that, for most field trips, bus expenses are reimbursable by the District at 70% of cost. Please check with the District Office regarding whether reimbursement is available for your trip.  In your budget, please indicate whether reimbursement is expected to be available and whether any bus expenses are listed at pre- or post-reimbursement cost.


You will be notified by the Faculty Representative of an opportunity to personally present your proposal to the Board at the October or February meeting.  The Board will contact you by phone or e-mail following the meeting to notify you as to whether or not your grant was funded.  The Board will thereafter provide you with additional written confirmation of the funding.


The evaluation form must be completed at the end of the activity and submitted to the Education Foundation via email to Emily Muller-Cary, and to the district grants administrator, Pam Worden, at Thank you’s may be sent to the address given above.  The District Office also requests a copy of any thank you note that you send to our organization via the postal service or ESD courier.  Include approved photographs of your activity, as well, for our records and for use in our own newsletter and on our website; JPEG format is preferred. If your activity is funded, please remember to name the Education Foundation of Pendleton as a supporter of your activity in parent newsletters or other press releases.

We look forward to receiving your application.