2013 Fall Grants

$1,500 Eighty-one Honors Biology II students from PHS will take an overnight field trip to Newport, Oregon in May 2014 to experience the coastal ecosystem firsthand. 
$1,000 The Spanish and French Departments at PHS will take students to Eugene, Oregon in May 2014 for the University of Oregon Foreign Language and International Studies Day. 
$800 In April 2014 and in its ninth year, Anne Sokoloski will be coordinating the Pendleton School District (grades k-12) Art Show.  Classroom teachers submit the art to a building representative, and it is collected and displayed at the show held at the Pendleton Convention Center. 
$1,000 Fifth grade classes from West Hills School will participate in an overnight field trip to O.M.S.I., the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.  The trip will take place in May 2014. 
$75 Thirty PHS Studio Art students will visit the Nightingale Gallery at Eastern Oregon University in March 2014. 
$250 In November 2013, thirty-two PHS Visual Art students viewed museum exhibits, learned about regional history and enjoyed seeing fine art in a gallery setting during a visit to Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, Washington. 
$375 Thirty-four students from the Drawing and Painting class at PHS will visit the Portland Art Museum and the Oregon Zoo.  This trip will provide students the opportunity to see firsthand some of the work from artists, art periods and different cultures.  The portion of the trip to the zoo will allow for life sketching and drawing.